Duval Coed Varsity Student Athletic Council

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Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT)

2020-2021 DHS SALT Officers:

Chairperson- Jazlynn Joiner (‘21)

1st Vice Chairperson- Pierce Commodore (‘21)

2nd Vice Chairperson- Marcus Hilliard (‘21)

3rd Vice Chairperson- Donna Nwange (‘21)

4th Vice Chairperson- Tristan Holliday (‘21)

5th Vice Chairperson- Justice Quainoo (‘21)

Secretary of Records- Nzubechi Chukwuocha (‘21)

Assistant Secretary of Records- Saebrin Charles (‘21)

Coach Representative- Mr. Kosloski

Athletic Director- Mr. Langway


 Article I- Purpose:


       The DuVal High School Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) will serve as a bridge between the Department of Athletics/Administration and the student-athletes at DuVal High. The SALT will work actively to build a sense of community, encourage sportsmanship in all facets of DHS life, promote athletics, and create a positive student-athlete image amongst the student body at DuVal High School.


  • To promote and facilitate communication between athletics, administration, and student-athletes about concerns, problems or suggestions;
  • Create awareness of all programs available within the athletic department;
  • Encourage participation in all athletic department programs;
  • Support student-athletes wanting to achieve honor roll status by promoting tools available at DuVal;
  • Identify and support issues specific to student-athletes;
  • To generate a student-athlete voice within the formulation of athletics policies;
  • To promote more interaction between DuVal Athletics, the student body, and the community;
  • To continually strive for improvement in all aspects pertaining to DuVal Athletics (from academics to facilities);
  • To build a sense of community and encourage unity, common purpose, and camaraderie between teams and among all athletes in the athletic program.

Article II- Membership:

  • The Athletic Director will seek a Coach Representative.
  • The first meeting of each SALT group will be in September, once school resumes.
  • Officers will be selected by the Chairperson and Athletic Director
  • The organization of the Leadership Team (Officers) shall consist of:

*Chairperson, 1-5 Vice Chairpersons, Secretary of Records, Assistant Secretary of Records, Coach Representative, and the Athletic Director.

Membership Qualifications:

  1. Every representative has the right to vote on issues.
  2. A representative will remain a member for at least two semesters.  
  3. The grade point average for each student member should be 2.5 or higher. If a representative drops below the minimum GPA the representative will be placed on probation for one semester.  If the representative does not meet the required GPA in subsequent semesters, he/she will be asked to resign as a member.
  4. Must complete three (3) NFHS courses: Sportsmanship, Captains Course, and Hazing Prevention for Students

Article III- Meetings:

       Meetings will attempt to be held on a monthly basis (September - June), with an agenda set by the Leadership Team and Athletic Director. Meetings will be held after school hours. All members must be present at meetings, unless a legitimate excuse is provided. Excused absences include, but are not limited to:

  • Illness
  • Prior appointments
  • Unforeseen circumstance
  • Family event
  • School sponsored/Academic trip

The Chairperson and Athletic Director will determine the validity of each absence on a case-by-case basis. On a third absence, a member would be removed from the SALT.

Article IV- Amendments:

       Any amendment to the handbook must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote. Amendment proposals are voted on only if two-thirds of the team are present. Amendment proposals should be submitted to the Officers prior to the meeting and will be placed on the agenda.

Article V- Non-Discriminatory Statement:

       This Officers will not discriminate based upon race, sex, age, ethnicity, religion, personal preference or sport.

Article VI- Coach Representative to the Team:

A minimum of one Coach Representative will be assigned to the SALT. The Representative will assist in the flow and direction of the SALT. This provides all stakeholders with a sense of belonging and importance to the purpose of the SALT. The Athletic Director will appoint a Coach Representative.

Article VII- Grounds for Dismissal:

Any member of the SALT will be dismissed if it is deemed by the Athletic Director, Coach Representative, and/or any other member of the school administration that the member in question is conducting himself/herself in an inappropriate manner. Some grounds for dismissal may include, but are not limited to:

  • Breaking of any codes within the DuVal High School Athletic Department eligibility policy.
  • Breaking of any codes within Prince George’s County Public Schools student code of conduct.
  • At the request of the programs Head Coach.
  • At the request of the administration of DuVal High School.

Officers will be relieved of their duties in the event of an athletic code violation, or other behaviors that warrant removal. 

Article VIII- Duties of the Officers:

  • Chairperson: Set the agenda, represent the group at national, state, and county meetings. Be the spokesperson for the group.
  • Vice-Chairpersons: Fill in for the Chairperson in any absence, help direct meetings, represent the group at the national, state, and county level meetings. Be a spokesperson for the group. Oversees any sub-committees formed.  1st Vice Chairperson will assist with note taking during meetings.
  • Secretary of Records: Documents attendance, time keeper during meetings, note taker, compiles a monthly threshold list to report back to the Chair and AD for recognition at upcoming SALT meetings, social media outlets, and other recognitions.
  • Assistant Secretary of Records: Note taker, provides an agenda to all members 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Article IX- Role of the Athletic Director:

The Athletic Director will have the final say in all matters regarding the SALT. The Athletic Director will be in contact with the Coach Representative and Chairperson of the SALT. The Coach Representative and/or Chairperson should be the only individuals who would bring issues of immediate urgency to the Athletic Director.

Article X- Definitions of the Role of the SALT and what it will not do:

The purpose of the SALT is not intended to be a creator of policy however, may have input on creation or amendment of current policies or new policies, and other administrative decisions related to student-athletes at DuVal High School. The SALT will not make recommendations to coaches for removal, dismissal, or selection of student-athletes to respective programs.

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