DuVal Athletics Pledge

Beloved DuVal Parents,

One of the missions of extracurricular school activities is to serve as an extension of the classroom. There are strong lessons to be learned in athletics. One of those lessons is to set and maintain high standards of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity in our schools and our society. It is up to us to provide the direction and constant vigilance under which good sportsmanship can prosper and have a positive impact on our children, the leaders of tomorrow, and ourselves.

We are continuing our efforts in the DuVal Athletics Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Program sponsored by Prince George’s County Public Schools. This has been a successful program statewide which reinforces and rewards the need for sportsmanship as one of the values taught through athletics. The value of the lessons learned by exhibiting good sportsmanship will last a lifetime. If we ever lose sight of that, then athletics, or any extracurricular activity, is not worth sponsoring. The positive actions of a coach, athlete or spectator at an event can influence how our school is perceived in our own community and the communities of those schools we meet on the field of play.

Sportsmanship, quite simply, translates to citizenship for our young men and women and all those involved with the interscholastic program. Through our programs young people learn and practice RESPECT . . . respect for self and respect for others. You are encouraged to be the leaders in our community and help rekindle the spirit of citizenship through athletics.

We are asking for your support in this effort by emphasizing to your son or daughter what is expected of them at an athletic event as a competitor or spectator. After all, such events are an extension of the school day, and we should expect the same type of respectful behavior exhibited in the athletic arena as we do in the classroom. We urge you to ask your children to demonstrate self-control and self-discipline and at the same time, enjoy the games. Everyone represents our school at an athletic event. One act of sportsmanlike, or unsportsmanlike, behavior by even one person paints a picture of how we are perceived by neighboring communities, schools, and the media. Maintaining the proper perspective about school sports will help us in our quest for good sportsmanship, show what is good about our school district, and remind us that school sports are here to educate students, and be fun. We look forward to serving you in the year ahead, and appreciate your continued support.



Robert Langway

DuVal High School Athletic Director