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Personal Statement of Athletic Philosophy:

I believe that an athletic department at the high school level must work to nurture the body, mind, and soul of its student athletes.  As a teacher and coach for the past nine years, I have sought to educate and guide young men and women grades 9-12.  A goal of mine has been to guide students to become respectful, educated, responsible, socially aware, and confident individuals who are prepared to be positively contributing members of society.  A successful high school graduate is one who is confident in himself/herself to complete life’s goals with dignity and poise, and is ready to handle the time management challenges inherent in college life and career life.

As an athletic administrator, I will insist upon my coaches to be good people or good character who model appropriate living for their athletes.  I will also work with them to help them be people of integrity and to make good choices.  The field of leadership in interscholastic athletics can be challenging at times, and I am committed to help coaches be the best leaders for our young men and women in order to help the student athletes experience the best during their high school years.  It is my firm expectation that coaches handle themselves as responsible people who model that good character and who speak to their athletes with appropriate language while treating them as adults.  I, as athletic administrator, will engage in frequent contact with my coaches and work with them as a partner in the process of providing the student athletes the best high school athletics experience possible.  I view myself as a partner with my coaches because it takes teamwork, including multiple healthy models to imitate, for the student athletes to be able to witness our words and our actions.  In doing so, I further reiterate that athletics is not only about striving to win games and win championships, but even more importantly to build young men and women to be responsible people of good character and who are confident in themselves.

I believe that a school’s Athletic Program exists to act as an extension of the overall educational experience for the students.  Athletics is an educational experience, not merely providing opportunities for team victories and personal accolades.  High School athletics must promote good conduct and healthy personal growth.  An Athletic Director and the coaching staff must work towards the highest excellence in the following areas: (A) establishing a code of conduct for students both on and off the field; (B) high academic achievement for student-athletes, and (C) preparing students for success by instilling confidence, a team-centered mindset, and dedication.

Aside from providing a positive environment for the student athletes to grow in mind, body, and spirit, I also have a very important goal which is building a platform for future success for the athletic department.  My goal is that within the first five years that I have built an economic structure for the athletic department with a combination of successful booster commitments and commitments from large and small donors.

Furthermore I hold good sportsmanship as a matter of pride and an absolute must for any athletic department to embrace.  The benefit of articulating and endorsing good sportsmanship is that the student-athletes, coaches, school officials, and spectators reflect positively on the values that the school stands for.

Contact Information: jason.mattern@pgcps.org