Tigers News · Reconnect With Us: Tiger Athletic Alumni Questionnaire (Class of 2010-2020)

LANHAM, MD – The DuVal High School Athletic Department is announcing a new initiative aimed at its alumni, with the focus on making sure they are included in the athletic program.  This is a larger effort on behalf of all DuVal athletic programs to ensure that all alumni feel welcomed.

Beyond a usual high school experience, student-athletes who have practiced together, competed together, and fought alongside one another to become champions have formed bonds that tend to be stronger than most.

In the spirit of “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger,” DuVal Athletics is taking steps to ensure that those bonds that exist remain strong, as well as help reconnect those that may have deteriorated.

To that end, the Athletic Department has launched a Tiger Athletic Alumni Questionnaire designed to bring all Tigers together again.

Every other week, beginning with the inaugural Class of 1962 and ending with last year’s graduating Class of 2020, DuVal Athletics will seek to gain information from each decade’s athletic alumni. Starting on Jan. 8, the Department will focus on alumni from the 1960’s (Class of 1962-1969).  On Jan. 22, we will shift our focus to alumni from the 1970’s (Class of 1970-1979) and will continue in ascending order through the months of January, February, and March.

We kindly ask all DuVal High School athletic alumni (student-athletes, managers, coaches, administrators) to fill out their appropriate questionnaire below:

1960’s: (https://tinyurl.com/y6omedz3)

1970’s: (https://tinyurl.com/y44rmnrp)

1980’s: (http://tinyurl.com/ytxwzmvo)

1990’s: (https://tinyurl.com/1tw4250u)

2000’s: (https://tinyurl.com/rmtbk4b3)

2010’s-2020: (https://tinyurl.com/y6c6nnus)