Tigers News · Athletics’ Student Broadcast Program to Conduct “Get To Know Us” Series

LANHAM, MD – The Student Broadcast Program, also known as Tiger TV Productions, will begin rolling out a series titled, “Get To Know Us.”  Starting today, January 5, we will begin interviewing individuals who are involved in our athletic department.

Each week, you can expect to hear from one individual who will be interviewed by a Tiger TV Productions crew member.  Our crew members will ask a variety of questions and then will be able to post their interviewees’ responses.

A graphic representing each individual will be posted on Tiger TV Productions’ Instagram account and on our athletic website.

Everyone has a story to tell and here is a glimpse of ours, we hope you enjoy.

Jan. 5, 2021 (Episode #1)

Interviewer: Saebrin C.

Interviewee: Principal Pamela Smith




Is it more difficult to run the school virtually or physically?

I feel that it is more difficult to run school virtually.  I enjoy not having to fight traffic in order to get to work, however it’s difficult to build and nurture relationships virtually.

What are a few tips you can give?

I would provide the tips that I do not follow myself, but I believe are very important.  Take care of yourself, eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep.  Since we have been under COVID-19 restrictions my eating and sleeping habits have altered.  I, like many, spend hours at my computer and I often find myself working 12 or more hours a day.  My New Year’s resolutions will be to take frequent breaks, exercise daily and limit my work day to 8 hours.

*As I type this response at 6:14pm, I have been at my computer since 8 am.

What are some rules and circumstances that apply to sports during COVID? 

As a lover of all sports, sports have been greatly affected by COVID.  Students are able to participate in virtual sports but it does not take the place of in-person sports.  I am not sure what rules will be put in place once we are able to engage in sports again, but I can only assume sports will look differently.

What are your expectations for the control of education after COVID?

I expect that education will continue to look different.  We have learned a lot through virtual learning and many of the lessons have been good.  Administrators and teachers are using technology to engage parents and students in ways that we have not done in the past.  I expect that we will not need to have snow days in the future because we can just convert to online instruction.  I know for some students online learning is a chore, but I can honestly say that some of our scholars are excelling online.   For these online rock stars, I hope the district continues to offer an online option in the future.

Do you think it would be difficult to return to a normal routine due to COVID? 

I think it will be years before we return to “normal”.  However, people are resilient and we adapt very well.  Technology is ever changing and making things easier.  Although it will take time, our new normal will be new and improved.

Do you feel any pressure being principal virtually?

A lot of the pressure I have I place on myself.  I feel like each of the 2,123 students of DuVal are my very own.  And I want the best for each of them as I do for my two children.  With that being said, I want everyone to be academically, spiritually and emotionally prepared.  So yes, the pressure is real.