Tigers News · Winter Sports Kicks Off November 15th

Calling ALL Tigers!!!

Please contact your potential Head Coach for the desired Winter Sport you wish to try-out and/or participate in prior to the first try-out/practice date November 15th.

Boys’ Basketball – Coach Norris – terrence.norris@pgcps.org

Cheerleading – Coach Burrs – duvalhscheer@gmail.com  

Girls’ Basketball – Coach Jennings – gregory.jennings@pgcps.org

Wrestling – Coach Cross – nigel.cross@pgcps.org

Indoor Track – Coach Reid – deborah_r53@hotmail.com

Swimming- Coach Ostchega – malka.ostchega@pgcps.org

Corollary Bocce – Coach Hunt – lhunt@pgcps.org

In order to be eligible day one all student-athletes MUST have a 2.0 1st Quarter GPA, a current sports physical, and have completed online registration through FormRELeaf (https://app.formreleaf.com/organizations/duval-high-school).

Thank you and good luck in the 2018-19 Season!!!